Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Car For My Dad

Fun Pictures of the Neighborhood

Good Food

a good pork meal,

fist you take some of this,
add some of this

and make this

and eat it!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


a game combining volley ball and soccer,
seems to be very common here,


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


with great labor pains, our new baby is born!!

the neck and body came from U.S.A custom guitars (see "best bass parts" link in the "Links" section) pickups and preamp are from Bartolini. Each of the pickups is wired to a series split/split/parallel switch and then to a "volume selector" were you can send any of the pickups to either the top or bottom volume of the first stack knob. The middle knob is the mid range control with a push/pull for frequency selection, then of course the last stack knob is your treble and bass control. this is possibly the ugliest bass i have ever made. the ugliness is partially of my own choosing and partially not,..
before i left the states the pickguard was back ordered, so i could not receive one it in time.
as you can also see from the detail, the control plate screws dont fit because the plate is a mighty might, and the metal is to thin to counter sink the screw.

"Why would i use mighty might parts" you ask,

i"ll tell ya...

because i forgot to order a good one!

and i havent found a hardware store in Korea with chrome screws to replace the pick guard screws i used..

anyway, here are some pictures of the the other kids,
(most of you have seen this one)

Moses Graphite neck, i dont remember who the body is by) 2 single coil jazz pickups, 1 P pickup, and 1 soapbar, all Bartolini
and the cherry on top is the TC3 preamp,

and the "once lost but now is found" heartfield!
i am the second and fourth proud owner of this bass!
i liked it so much the fist time i had to have it again,

(thanks Franky!!!!)

this was the first bass i ever took a router too! the original pickups were a little "weak in the B" and in my youthful ignorance i though a pair of soapbars from"Duncan Basslines" would be better, i guess they are not bad, but this bass is on the Bartolini transplant list...

and family shots,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Father In Laws Birthday

the Andrew Sisters!
my mother in law is in the middle,

reservoir / neighborhood

the reservoir in our home town,

the reservoir is about a couple of miles away from our home,

and of course i couldnt post with out some more pictures of the apartments

gives new meaning to "population density"